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Located here and here [0:20 - 2:22 plus five second scenes here and there, and end on the last clip at 3:33]

What this is:
- Leontes Montague is his father! Who ... killed off Juliet's family! And all the Capulets! And used his mother!
- Tybalt is a Capulet. That's why he was helping Juliet. No honourable motivations here :(
- Ran away at fifteen.
- LEONTES KILLED EVERYONE and we let him rule Neo-Verona
- "For every dreadful act, I will bring my bloody revenge on him a thousand times back!"

What this means:

- Tybalt has gotten back his angry
- His feelings for Juliet have now fallen apart. He knows now what she is to him: a pawn. All those warm fuzzies? Gone :(

Extra stuff

- Hahaha, so Tybalt obviously took Maleficent's deal. It was a no-brainer for him! He needed to be stronger and he felt frustratingly slow. So now he has two new skills (bribery and information-gathering) plus the memory that clears up his past. He is more concerned than ever to leave Aather and slaughter Leontes for his crimes and more determined to step on anyone that gets in his way. Still, the sense of having feelings for people has sunken in a bit and he doesn't want to do anything unnecessary.

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Saving Juliet from Camilo [0:00 - 0:59]

What this is:

- laziest rescue mission ever.
- worst leader ever.

What this means:

- Every single memory Tybalt has so far is about Juliet! It seems like his life revolves around her despite the fact... he doesn't seem to respect her a lot.  Still, he can understand why he's being harsh to her, but he wonders if it's truly necessary all the time. He's at a crossroads at seeing Juliet as a person or a pawn.
- I want my goddamn flying unicorn pegasus horse :|

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Comforting Juliet [starts at 3:43 - 4:17]

What this is:
- ...
- "If that's how you're going to be, you'll never take down Montague" - PURPOSE GET

What this means:
- Tybalt has gained +1 kindness.
- He also can't tell if he's angry at her or angry at the situation she's in. Either way, he's just sort of angry and wants to lash out at something.

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Second meeting with Juliet

What this means
- Juliet is a vigilante? Well, that explains a lot.
- Wow super condescending attitude! ... I like it :D
- "Anything you want to know can be obtained. As long as you have the power of money"
- Has his own spy network! ... For Juliet?
- What is the big deal about Juliet :///

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What this is


What this means
- Name get!
- "Capulet" is important. Juliet is important. Must protect Juliet.

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Significant Positive
- Deferring to Juliet's decision on the fate of Laontes/Laontes' Death
- Confrontation with Laontes
- Last moments with Juliet

Significant Negative
- Explanation of his past - being Laontes' son
- Mercutio killing Laontes
- Telling Romeo about their relationship and telling him to go save Juliet.
- The Insanity of his mother (manga/offscreen)
- "You are very much like him"

Significant Neutral
- Meeting Juliet for the first time
- Exposing the priest's corruption to Juliet.

Trivial Neutral
- Taking her to the hookerpart of town - ep 10
- Corruption among guards
- The second meeting with Juliet

Trivial Positive
- Helping Juliet escape from Camilo
- Comforting Juliet
- Pegasus rides

Trivial Negative
- "I earned that privilege" - The power of Escalus
- "You'll be in my way" - ep 10


- Horseback riding
- Sword-fighting
- Knife-throwing
- Bribery
- Ninjaing
- Information-gathering

- N/A
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Name Crow // Tybalt
Age 18-20 approximately
Team Onyx

Height/Build 6 foot/Lanky
Hair Color/Eye Color Black/Blue
Notable Traits Looks absolutely normal.

Other n/a